James J



04 Jul 2017

VMware ESX 6.5: The provided manifest file is invalid: Invalid OVF manfiest entry

Set the stage: Recently while deploying an OVA that I had deployed many times before, I came across this error....

04 Jul 2017

RPM SPEC: Directives of interest

This is not intended to be an extensive guide to building rpms. Although, if there is interest, that can be...

19 May 2013

LVM: Slaving an old drive with existing data

I have an old drive with existing LVM data. The drive is plugged in as /dev/sdb. [root@bt ~]# fdisk -l...

12 Feb 2013

Named: Disable zone transfer(AXFR)

  Recently I have been watching my log files a lot more closely. While doing so, I noticed A LOT...

07 Jan 2013

LFTP: File Transfer Swiss Army Knife

Working in the industry, at one time or another, you will have to transfer files. Im sure it will be...

31 Aug 2012

N2N: Super simple VPN

So having a bunch of success with PF_RING, I decided to check out some of ntop.org's other creations. One I...

10 Mar 2012

RPM: Rebuild corrupt rpmdb

So this used to happen a lot… but since yum, not so much… Like an impatient admin, I got tired...

02 Oct 2010

Cisco 2960G: logging synchronous

Quite frequently, if you are running enabling debugging on something, it is going to be a little too verbose. Then...

02 Oct 2010

Cisco 2924XL: Port Channel

As part of a project I wanted to go ahead and setup port channels on my Cisco 2924s. Apparently on...